Janet's favourite musicians have a gift for whipping up a storm with a catchy tune and for soothing an audience with wonderful, haunting melodies - a special sound and the perfect complement to Janet's performance style.

Ralf Trautner
Guitar, mandolin, Dobro, tenor and baritone guitars, ukelele, vocals.
As well as having an international stage career stretching back to 1975, Ralf is also a teacher of music, a composer, lyricist and producer. Janet´s songwriting partner since 2002.
Jerry Röschmann
Electric upright bass, percussion, vocals.
Jerry grew up in Australia, finished his schooling in Germany, and went on to study Materials Science before training as string-instrument builder in Mittenwald, Bavaria. He plays in numerous bands and has been a key member of Janet's line-up since 2004.
Christian BarthelChristian Barthel
Accordion, percussion, glockenspiel, vocals.
Christian studied food technology. He works as a safety engineer, and teaches part-time at Zirndorf School of Music. He plays in various bands and has been "on tour" with Janet since 2011.

Janet M. Christel
Janet M. Christel
Janet M. Christel
Janet M. Christel